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How to create LUXURY Gel

PRESS ON Nail Sets 

In this video course, you'll learn the fundamental techniques behind producing high-quality, luxury press on nails for your customers & what it takes to succeed!


Learn to create luxury press on sets!


Ready to elevate your press on nail sets?


In this video course, you'll learn:

  • What Makes A Nail Set "Luxury?"

    • ​Learn how to stand out from the crowd with more than just a high quality press on nail product.

    • Hear Chloe's keys to success, what characteristics a successful press on shop owner needs to have & what you can truly achieve with a luxury press on business.

  • Create Your Press Ons - Chloe walks you through a step-by-step tutorial on how she produces the highest quality gel nail sets for her customers.

    • Discover how to prep your press ons chemically and get them ready to be polished in the most efficient manner.​

    • Learn the secret to a flawless gel application.

    • Explore 4 different topcoat finishes and the trick to a smooth, level finish.


      • Trouble with wrinkles &/or indents in your gel application?​

      • Learn to fix an uneven finish when lint or debris end up in your press on!

      • Troubleshoot matte topcoats, the trickiest of them all!

      • Ever have your topcoat separate or bubble up? Say no more.

      • Clients reporting the gel is lifting away from their press ons? No problem!

*This is a NailKnowHow Product.

ONLY $27!

What's Inside?

ONLY $27



BEGINNER BUNDLE ($171 value)

ONLY $147

In this bundle you'll get:

*This is a NailKnowHow Product.


ADVANCED BUNDLE ($371 value)

ONLY $307

In this bundle you'll get:

  • How To Create Luxury Gel Press On Nail Sets Course ($27 value)

    • In this video course you'll learn the fundamentals techniques behind creating high quality, luxury gel press on nail sets for your clients and what it takes to succeed as a business!

  • How To Build A Luxury Press On Brand Guide ($97 value)

    • Learn the A-Z of building your own successful, luxury press on shop by luxury press on specialist, Chloe of by Chloe Nails.

  • 1-1 60 Minute Coaching Call with Chloe ($247 value)

    • Take your business to the next level with a personalized coaching call with Chloe!​​

*This is a NailKnowHow Product.



Chloe started her life-changing press on nail business, By Chloe Nails, in February 2021. She was 20 years old & looking for a creative, flexible career in nails but had no training or experience in the nail industry. After hours of research she stumbled upon the world of luxury press on nail businesses & instantly knew it was what she wanted to do. Despite having no plan or any idea how, she was determined to make By Chloe Nails a success. 


Just 12 months later she had scaled By Chloe Nails from $0 to 6-figures, grew an international community on Instagram of over 10,000 followers (now over 20k), sold over 1,500 sets, gained a customer base of 500+, & gave herself the life she’d always dreamed of. Chloe’s work has been featured on OPI, Apres, Elle Japan, Nail It Media, Madam Glam, to name a few. 

Since starting her mentoring program in early 2022, she has helped over 200 nail artists all over the world to launch and elevate successful press on nail businesses.

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