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ELEVATE Your Career with NAIL ART 

Increase your client service & press on value, level up your nail content & build nail confidence by mastering the fundamentals of hand-painted nail art.


Are you struggling to find the right painting products and brushes? Knowing which ones to use and when to use them?

Are you tired of shaky hands leaving small mistakes that you feel ruin your whole design?

Maybe you do amazing nail art when you're just messing around but you're wondering why it doesn't always look as great when you're working on clients. 

Or maybe you're brand new to the world of nail art and want to increase the value of your client services, your press ons, your nail content you post to catch your favorite brand's eye, or you're just looking to build confidence in an area you haven't explored much yet.

The Master Hand-Painted Nail Art Course has everything you need to create CONSISTENT beautiful hand-painted designs, so you can charge more for your nail art.


Week 1: Understand  Your Nail Art Products & Tools

  • A full breakdown of the positives & negatives of painting with gel, water-based acrylic paints, & nail polish.

  • Dive into the color mixing guide so you can feel confident creating any color, in any shade (including skin tones) with as few products as possible.

  • Learn to prep, clean and care for you nail art brushes so they last a lifetime.

    • BONUS LESSON: Learn how to fix old, frayed, hopeless brushes!



Week 2: Fixing & Preventing Mistakes

  • Troubleshoot gel art issues like blurry lines, knowing when to cure during the painting process, and how to easily fix any gel art stroke mistake whether it's cured or not.

  • How to quickly clean up any water-based acrylic paint mistakes whether you're painting on top of a gel base or a polish base.

  • My secret fix to troubleshooting painting mistakes done with nail polish! Hint: You DON'T have to start over or remove the base polish!

  • How the perfect foundation & finish can dramatically affect the outcome of your hand-painted nail art & how to achieve them.


Week 3 & 4: Master Foundational Painting Techniques

  • The 4 MUST-KNOW tips for hand-paining.

  • Understand balance & brush control to master perfectly straight lines whether you're painting on yourself or on a client.

  • 3 Essential brushes & techniques to master painting ANY sized curve.

  • The secret to tapered brush strokes (perfect for flower petals, leaves & filigree!)

  • How to get comfortable painting tiny detail work with ease.
  • The fool-proof process for perfect polka-dots!
  • How and when to outline & flood designs with color.
  • Adding dimension with color blends, shadows & highlights to bring your designs to life!

"I free-styled this design, this was before I learned to make straight lines correctly. After learning to make straight lines the right way, I recreated my design. Look at the improvement. It is day and night. I also created other designs. I am feeling like a pro with these." - IRENE

IreneReview - Copy.png



  • Master gel horizontal ombre with an ombre brush & flat brush technique!

  • Discover the Bottle Brush Method for a seamless vertical gel & polish ombre!

  • Master horizontal polish ombre with 2 different techniques!

  • EXTRA BONUS: Glitter polish & gel ombre techniques!




  • Learn horizontal & vertical color blocking using only the bottle brush!

  • Master a simple moon mani & french tip curves using only the brush from the bottle!

  • Learn a fun, no-tool, abstract brush stroke design!

  • Discover the easiest method for gorgeous marble designs with only the bottle brush!





  • An interactive troubleshooting experience is built into every single practice lesson through the Master Hand-Painted Nail Art Course AND the Ombre Every Way Master Course!

  • Compare your work to dozens of examples for instant feedback on what you may be doing wrong and see what you're doing right!

  • Access to personal feedback from me when you need some extra support!

Enough already, SIGN ME UP!

*This course is self-paced and designed to complete on your own time with no time-limits. To make the course more user friendly, I've broken it down into a 4 week process but feel free to take as little or as long as you'd like!


But, what about the REVIEWS?

​"It's great for anyone from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Someone who wants to learn the fundamentals. This explains it all. I’ve learned so much in such little time that I'm mind blown. You can see a big difference in my work from before and after. Thank you for this great online nail art course." - KELSY


"This course was fully interactive, fully engaging and fast! I saw a giant improvement in my art immediately after the first couple lessons. If there were more classes I could take on NailKnowHow I totally would. Julie is so supportive and gives constructive criticism that works perfectly to aid you in developing your skills. 100/10" - GABY


"I absolutely loved it. This is something I have been looking for, for a while." - DOYINSOLA


​"Great course! I loved that it’s self paced and I could complete it on my own timeline. I really appreciated having the opportunity to receive feedback on my work. It’s very helpful to know what areas that I still need to improve on." - JUANITA


"I am so happy that I have invested in your classes! So far I have learned so much valuable knowledge that I have never seen anywhere else (and I take a lot of classes!)." - KAYLA

  1. Click the "Enroll Now" button below & fill out the checkout form. *DOUBLE CHECK YOU ENTERED THE CORRECT EMAIL*

  2. Then you'll be sent an email with instructions on how to confirm your course access!

  3. Once confirmed, download the NailKnowHow app on iOS & Android or use the web app to access your course anytime, anywhere!

  4. Get ready to master hand-painted nail art! 


If you have any trouble at all, just reach out to me at for help!



*This is a NailKnowHow Product



By the time Julie was a student in nail school, her work was already published in NAILS Magazine. She competed in the first ever NAILS Next Top Nail Artist (& most recently placed 2nd in the ALL STAR comp) and landed a spot on the reality TV show “Nail’d It!” while working as a nail artist in NYC. Her work has been featured on the cover of NAILS Magazine, NYFW, & more.


From there she moved to LA to recruit, train and manage teams of mobile nail professionals with GlamSquad until she worked managing the education department of international nail brand, ORLY. With a passion for teaching, she took her expertise of curriculum building & founded NailKnowHow with a single course on her specialty, hand-painted nail art. It was a success. Now Julie hopes to elevate the standards of nail education with NailKnowHow.


Q: How long will I have access to the course?
A: Once you purchase the course, you have unlimited access to it and all the bonuses. There's no rush. Start it immediately or a year from now, it is completely self-paced!

Q: What do I need to get started?
A: You'll see a list of specific supplies I recommend when you open up the course but you can truly get started with just a bottle of polish and a cheap set of nail art brushes. To get the most out of it, you'll need a red, yellow, blue, black and white polish, gel or water-based acrylic craft paint. (We talk about which medium will work best for you in the course, I prefer gel paints.) Six nail art brushes - a striper, long detailer, short detailer, a tapered brush, flat brush and a dotting tool. You'll also need acetone, rubbing alcohol & some lint free wipes along with a cuticle stick or silicone clean up tools if you happen to have them.

Q: What if I'm struggling with a technique?
A: The course include an interactive troubleshooting experience. This innovative tool helps you figure out what you did wrong (& what you did right) by giving you dozens of photos to compare your work to. When that's not enough, I'm just an email away to give you personalized feedback!

Q: I want to gift this to someone, how do I do that?
A: Not a problem! Feel free to purchase the course and just shoot me a message at with the email of the person you're gifting it to & I'll take care of setting up their account whenever you'd like them to get it!

Q: Do I need to be a licensed professional to take the course?

A: Nope! As long as you're not working on clients, you do not need a license to do nail art. So keep on creating those press-ons and making killer nail art content for your socials!

Q: Why does enrollment close periodically?
A: We close enrollment periodically in order to support our current students. This is a very hands-on course, meaning you will need to practice along side the lessons to see improvement. During these practice lessons, we give all students the opportunity to contact Julie if they have any questions the interactive feedback system does not answer for them or if they just need a little extra support. To ensure each students can receive quality support, we have to limit the amount of students we enroll each month.

Have another question? Email me at & I'll get back to you ASAP!

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