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COVID Financial Relief for Struggling Nail Professionals

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We are living history. These are some seriously trying times and you should know you are not alone. Nail techs businesses are hurting and for most that means we can't afford rent or food, not to mention the possibility of huge medical bills to put us in bankruptcy. It's scary. Really scary. But this pandemic caused by the coronavirus or COVID-19 has brought together a sense of community we've never seen before. Even with social distancing, nail professionals have found ways to help each other and their struggling communities. It's beautiful to see people of all races and religions unite and truly understand one another's struggles. So, what can you do? Where can you get the help you deserve?

For starters, please file for unemployment. It may take some time but the sooner you do it, the sooner you will get paid. You can collect government relief money of an extra $600 a week through unemployment EVEN if you are self-employed or still employed but lost hours and wages due to the coronavirus. Each state has it's own platform to file through, so please use the correct website to file. On top of that, if you have a social security number, you will be mailed a check for a one-time payment of $1200 from the government with no action needed. Click HERE for more info on all of this.

But we need money, and we need it now. Thankfully there are relief grants/funds specifically

for beauty professionals and nail techs.


This is specifically for NAIL PROFESSIONALS ONLY. Which is amazing, since nail techs are generally the most underpaid professionals in the beauty world. This must be applied for on a computer or tablet as the interface is NOT COMPATIBLE ON MOBILE DEVICES. Apply by first creating an account (pick student/scholarship administrator) and filling out the general application as a licensed professional. You'll then be able to apply directly for the CND grant.

This is for all licensed beauty professionals and you do NOT need to be a PBA Preferred Member to apply.

  • OPI/Wella Relief Fund (One-Time Payment of $1000)

Please keep in mind these relief grants are only available based on the amounts of donations they are receiving. If you have ANY means to provide for yourself during these unfortunate times, please DO NOT APPLY for these and let others who are in need have the opportunity to pay their rent, food and bills. For some, this is the only money they will have to survive another few weeks so please be respectful.

If you have money to spare and would graciously like to donate to either of these relief programs, click the links below.


If you're not able to donate and still want to help out, there are many petitions to help save salons through government funding that will only take a second to sign.


A huge thank you to everyone supporting each other in these trying times. We love seeing big nail companies like CND taking charge in helping create relief for those who work so hard in the nail industry.

Much love, from NailKnowHow.

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